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The Yoga by the Sea Mission

We honor the individual, and encourage students in their process of self-inquiry & self-realization. Experience the teachings of the ancient practices of yoga in a welcoming room and a nurturing, compassionate, and non-competitive environment that supports your well-being.

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Join us for a Class Today ~ Classes are Designed For All Levels ~ Brand New Students & Experienced Practitioners!

All of our yoga classes offer yoga instruction for 'New to Yoga'!

Join us for a deeply healing practice of Basic/Gentle Yoga. Reduce stress, increase flexibility, gently strengthen & experience meditation. No yoga experience necessary!

Our Basic/Gentle Yoga Classes offer detailed instruction that safely leads you through every pose, and introduces meditation and breath techniques. Basic classes move at a steady pace, with plenty of breath and time to integrate each learning experience. Great for new to yoga to experienced practitioners. This is a practice that is sustainable for life.

For students who want to dive into yoga in a more vigorous way, our All Levels Vinyasa Flow also offer detailed instruction and personalized attention and modifications so that even brand new students can feel supported and safe while practicing. Join us!

Join us for a Kundalini Yoga Class to discover the Kriyas, Mantras, Meditations, and deeply healing practices created by Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini yoga is appropriate for all levels, no experience is necessary!

Treat Yourself to a Private Session of Restorative Yoga with Sacred Touch & Thai-Shiatsu Yogic Massage. A deeply healing restorative practice, where you can completely relax your physical body, and release and ease away tension. You will be in good hands under the guidance and healing sacred touch of our 500-hr trained Licensed Massage Therapist and 200-hr trained yoga teacher with Mairéad Hardiman, LMT, RYT. Utilizing elements of Ayurevedic Marma Point Therapy, Thai-Shiatsu bodywork and Sound Healing.

yoga nidra at yoga by the sea with casey gash

Yoga Nidra

Sunday, September 14 . 4:30-6

No yoga experience is necessary ~ class begins with meditation ~ deep relaxation in Shavasana, reclining in stillness ~

Experience deeply healing yoga & special workshops to enhance your wellbeing in a clean, green environment at Yoga by the Sea in Stonington. Introducing Yoga Nidra ('Yogic Sleep' 'Relaxation with Awareness) which explores achieving relaxation by diving into deeper levels of conscious awareness, relieving stress and tension, relaxing the nervous system. Yoga Nidra cultivates a 'Salkalpa' or affirmation intention to access the subconscious mind and initiate transformation and healing to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation states.

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to take a journey of self-awareness and experience deep relaxation on all levels of being.

casey gashCasey Gash, RYT is a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor and co-founder of Yoga by the Sea with a special interests in teaching yoga and meditation practices as well as an exploration into deeper levels of conscious awareness in relaxation states.

Casey teaches yoga from the Heart of Dharma, as the exploration of one's own true nature and purpose as part of the interconnected cosmic order of the universe, all beings and creation. Casey guides students through the compassionate practices of Self-Inquiry, Self-Awareness and Empowerment. These teachings serve as a guide to help others on their path of Union to connect with the Wisdom of the Heart and the Divine Being they already are.

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casey gash yoga by the seaIn Grace Magazine! July 2014~

Tell Me Something: Connection & Cosmic Order Guide Casey Cyr Gash

by Stephen Chupaska, Grace Magazine
The Day, New London, July 16, 2014

Journey Into Bliss at Yoga by the SeaBasic Yoga / Gentle Yoga

Casey Gash RYT . Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30 am . Thursdays 6 pm . Sundays 10 am

No yoga experience is necessary ~ perfect for beginners as well as experienced practitioners ~ a practice for life

A healing and rejuvenating yoga class with foundational postures, led at a steady pace. Every Yoga by the Sea class incorporates mindfulness, meditation, yoga postures and more to promote the union of body, mind and spirit – ultimately to cultivate joy, health and peace of mind!

Our basic gentle class is an open level that melds the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Each unique class begins with a centering, meditation, (pratapana) exercises to warm up the body which flow into a series of (asana) postures coordinating mindful movement and breath-work (pranayama), and finish with relaxation and meditation. Themes range from anatomical or physiological focuses, to inspiration from yogic philosophy, to wisdom of daily living. Every class is unique, so students will constantly be receiving new postures, philosophy, techniques, and personal awareness.

Detailed instruction walks you through every pose. Great for brand-new to yoga and experienced practitioners. Seasoned yogis and new students can benefit from gentle yoga! Stretch away tensions from tight muscles, bring movement into stiff joints, connect to breath, and calm the mind. This class is ideal for anyone looking to de-stress, develop range of motion and flexibility without over-exertion, gently build strength, and receive the healing benefits of yoga.

Casey Gash, RYT teaches yoga from the Heart of Dharma, as the exploration of one's own true nature and purpose as part of the interconnected cosmic order of the universe, all beings and creation. Casey guides students through the compassionate practices of Self-Inquiry, Self-Awareness and Empowerment. These teachings serve as a guide to help others on their path of Union to connect with the Wisdom of the Heart and the Divine Being they already are!

Private 1 on 1 Sessions Available~

Sacred touch Energy Healing Sessions
& Thai Shiatsu with Mairéad

With Mairéad Hardiman, LMT, RYT . By Private Appointment

No yoga experience is necessary ~ schedule your session today!


mairead at yoga by the seaReset the body's habitual patterns with Sacred Healing Touch with Licensed & certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher Mairéad Hardiman.

Your session is designed to guide you into a series positions that are comfortable, and help to "rest and reset" your network of musculature. Mairéad joyfully brings her studies of ancient Eastern Bodywork to her sessions. Utilizing elements of Ayurevedic Marma Point Therapy, Thai-Shiatsu bodywork and Sound Healing, Mairéad will teach you to create a safe nurturing environment for your body to connect to its own true nature. No experience of yoga is required. Feel free to bring an eye pillow, and anything else that will add to your comfort level. All work is done on the floor so you can leave your socks on and relax!

Mairéad's extensive experience as a massage therapist will help you receive healing in a safe, soothing environment. Mairéad's work inspires a heightened awareness of the subtle and physical energies. Mairéad has attended and assisted trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health since 2009. She is a certified Kripalu Massage Therapist (500hr) and Yoga Teacher (200hr). With her influences rooted in Yogic Philosophy, Mairéad's practices are a meditation in motion; honoring the intrinsic presence of body mind and spirit with compassion, through breath, intention and sacred touch. Authentic and deeply nurturing in her approach, she weaves an array of ancient and innovative techniques drawing on elements of Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi, Myofacial Meridian and Crystal therapies. She lives in the woods of Arcadia in Exeter, RI and spends her days immersed in the natural world. A record collector, animal lover, herbalist & gardener, Mairéad finds joy in being a healthy human with an enchanted spirit. Mairéad will work with you to access your healing energy within.

Kundalini Yoga - Mondays 9:30 am

with Ming Lee Prospero (Harkirit Kaur) RYT, KRI

No yoga experience is necessary ~ join us!

ming lee prospero

Harkirit (Ming Lee) is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor (200 hours), mother and wife and part-time librarian. Harkirit took her fist Kundalini Yoga class over five years ago after practicing other styles of yoga throughout the years. After her first class Harkirit recalls feeling lighter, brighter and more alive and kept going back for more. Kundalini yoga helped her through a challenging two-year period in life, an experience that, in-part, prompted her to take Teacher Training at All That Matters in RI, with Guruatma Khalsa, in 2012.

harkirit kaur

Harkirit has continued her training at All That Matters with Gurudass Kaur Khalsa's Childplay Yoga, and recently completed the Stress and Vitality level II training module with Krishna Kaur and Mahan Rishsi Singh Khalsa at the Baba Siri Chand Yoga and Retreat Center, MA towards her 500 hour certification with the Kundalini Research Institute.

"What I love about Kundalini Yoga is that you can go to class and use your body, voice and mind, and come out feeling like something has been lifted and that your spirits are elevated. This yoga style is an inward practice, one that strengthens you and brings a sense of joy and well being, with beautiful music and mantra."

Veterans FREE EVERY Friday Vinyasa Flow
at Five-Thirty (17:30) with David Whritenour

No yoga experience is necessary ~ expect to move at a steady energizing pace

An energizing and invigorating vinyasa that moves at a steady pace. Students are supported to work at their own personal edge of challenge to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and explore the body/mind connection. Every class is unique, so students will constantly be receiving new postures, philosophy, techniques, and personal awareness.

David teaches all-levels classes providing general and specific guidance from both energetic Prana Flow®, alignment Anusara based perspectives and Forrest Yoga. This guidance ensures the student will enjoy a safe practice while learning to fully embody the postures and transitions in between.

David completed his initial 200 hr RYT in 2005 at the Kripalu-inspired Healing Touch in Noank, CT. He has continued to study a variety of yoga styles and most recently has trained with Coral Brown, Prana Flow® mentor, Amy Reed, a former member of the Anusara community, and Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest Yoga.

"Through connection to the breath we become aware of the sensations and energetic flow of prana in our body and are able to align more intuitively with the life enhancing parts in our lives."

David taught yoga for 8 years to active duty and retired Navy personnel at the US Submarine Base in Groton, CT. As a scientist, David has extensive knowledge of anatomy and alignment. Join him for a fun, spirited vinyasa!

Veterans practice FREE Fridays at 5:30 (17:30) Open to the public at regular rates. Come practice with our Vets!

For complete bio, visit our teacher's page here.

Relaxation & Reiki with Casey Gash, RYT &
Chris DeWick, Reiki Master

Next Date TBA

No yoga experience is necessary ~ class begins with meditation ~ restorative reclining yoga postures explored ~ guided meditation & chakra balancing ~ reiki

Experience a session of deeply restorative healing guided meditation with Casey Gash, RYT and reiki with Chris DeWick, Reiki Master, while in relaxing restorative yoga postures.

We will begin with centering and stretches for relaxation, and discussion about the class.

Then, we will explore the most healing supported restorative poses for you. You will be guided through healing meditations while relaxing to balance the chakras and facilitate healing, while Chris facilitates reiki.

At the beginning of class, you may ask Chris to focus on sending reiki for a specific purpose or bring reiki for overall well-being. Note paper for your requests will be provided.

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to experience relaxation and receive healing reiki, and healing guided meditation.

caseygashCasey Gash, RYT teaches yoga from the Heart of Dharma, as the exploration of one's own true nature and purpose as part of the interconnected cosmic order of the universe, all beings and creation. Casey guides students through the compassionate practices of Self-Inquiry, Self-Awareness and Empowerment. These teachings serve as a guide to help others on their path of Union to connect with the Wisdom of the Heart and the Divine Being they already are. For more about Casey and her teaching schedule, visit Casey is co-founder of Yoga by the Sea, where she teaches Basic Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and more.

Chris DeWick started on her journey towards becoming a Reiki Master in 1999. In 2004 she became a certified Master after completing and becoming certified in all three levels in the in the Usui Tradition of Reiki. Chris's journey was born out of a desire to give back some of what had been so generously given to her during a catastrophic illness. During that process, she found her real purpose in life. Chris has a passion for healing, and to this end, she is a student of Kinesiology. Chris is certified in Quantum Touch, Levels 1 & 2 Energy Therapy. For more information, visit

Thank You Spirit Medicine Healer Susan Gash

When we open up to the many possibilities that exist within our cosmic heritage we discover there is potent and powerful healing that is available to each of us. It is as real as anything one can touch or see.

Susan GashThank you Spirit Medicine Healer, Susan Gash for a very special evening – guiding us through the celestial realms to assist us in healing and awakening our own connections to celestial beings who are in service to humankind and all sentient beings.

As a healer, Susan Gash is the real deal. Her Spirit Medicine is authentic, pure, and energetically crystal clean. During healing sessions, she invokes the Spirit Doctor Team, a rare entourage of over 40 beings who apply not only traditional healing methods, but stellar, futuristic healing technologies. Session participants are able to make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors, and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage.

Susan has an extensive background in movement and movement as a gateway for inner exploration. She is a former dancer, Certified Movement Analyst, and founder of an all-women's dance theater that received international acclaim. Susan has led healing retreats and workshops for many years.

Born out of a dedication to the work of healing, Susan and Sven created Crystal Mountain Healing on a spectacular, mountain-top farm high in the Andes of Ecuador. From this location of pristine nature and spirit, she offers private and group sessions with the Spirit Doctor Team working both in-person and online.

To learn more about Susan and her work, please visit her at

Private sessions are available with Susan on Skype! Contact her by visiting her website above.

Cosmic Yoga at Yoga by the SeaCosmic Yoga

~ Explore the Nature of Being & Connection to Cosmic Consciousness through Yoga Philosophy & Postures, Meditation & Relaxation Techniques & More ~

Next date TBA, Casey Gash, RYT

For thousands of years Yoga – 'union'– has led to inquiries and explorations into the very nature of being and connection to the cosmic consciousness. Explore the many diverse, multifaceted and rich traditions of Yoga – union – of all levels of being, through ancient yogic teachings and techniques.

This class is an inquiry into one's own nature and purpose in the cosmic order that is the universe, divinity, consciousness. Topics will include Yogic Philosophy including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Eight Limbs of Yoga, explanations of the Koshas, Chakras, Meditation, Pranayama, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, in-depth study of traditional 'Asana' Yoga Postures, a deep exploration of our Cosmic Connections, Union, Self-Awareness and Self-Realization, Well-Being, Joy and Bliss (Samadhi).

No yoga experience is required. Along with an exploration of all facets of yoga's rich diversity and history, we will explore yoga Asana (yoga postures) in depth, and from a perspective of inquiry into yoga's historic roots. As wthl all the Yoga by the Sea classes, we encourage students to modify all yoga postures to suit individual needs and honor body wisdom.

Our newest class, Cosmic Yoga will dive deeper into yoga philosophy, Meditation and an exploration of yoga postures through the lens of rich yogic history. Cosmic Yoga is for the curious and questioning student seeking more information on the Yogic Path. Question & Answer session included!

yoga by the sea kidsYoga by the Sea

~Please check back for dates~

Join us in a yoga class for Teens that promotes fitness, fun, flexibility, concentration and self-esteem! Yoga for Teens builds strength, coordination, and body awareness. It also helps Teens focus and relax while developing attention to the inner world of thoughts, feelings and creativity. We will learn yoga postures, spend quality time de-stressing and decompressing, and have fun!

- Teens bring a yoga mat and water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing

- Parents should bring Teen to the studio to fill out our forms

- Parents let us know if Teen is driving themselves home, or is being picked up

new student 2 for 20 yoga by the sea

New Students!*
2 Classes for $20
for 14 Days

*For Local Full-Time Residents, see towns: For Brand New First-Time Yoga by the Sea Students who are Local Full-time Residents of: Mystic, Stonington, North Stonington, Pawcatuck, Groton, Gales Ferry, Ledyard, New London, Waterford, Niantic, Norwich and Westerly RI. Your 2-Class Introductory Pass can be purchased at the studio only. See you soon! Good for regular yoga classes only, does not include Special Classes or Workshops.


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yoga by the sea 30 day challenge

Discover new ways to improve your health and wellness

Special Sunday Classes!

• Sunday TBA, 4:30-6 pm: Yoga Nidra with Casey Gash

• Sunday TBA, 4:30-6 pm: Relaxation & Reiki with Christina DeWick & Casey Gash


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